Tulip glass filled with Copper Hop beer sits on table in green patio area
Drone View of The Copper Top
Flyer advertising Hop Sessions Live, which is a concert series at the brewery
Inside of the copper hop brewery

The Copper hop Gallery

Hop Separator

Copper Hop Brewing is a Craft Brewery situated in the delightful city of St. Clair Shores. It is easy to find in the Downtown District at the corner of 9 Mile Rd and Greater Mack Ave. We offer a vast selection of beers, ciders, and wines, ranging from heavy porters to light and refreshing IPAs.

Every week, a variety of scrumptious meals created by the area’s elite mobile restaurant chefs are offered. Everything from savory tacos to delectable sandwiches are on the menu, guaranteeing there will be no dull moments. You can also bring your own food or even just have it delivered to the brewery. It makes for a great place to come to if you’re going solo or with a bunch of friends. You’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your appetite. So, no matter if you’re thirsty or famished, we’ve got you covered! Plus, we have a kid-friendly atmosphere with games, drinks and snacks to keep the little ones content.

We also provide an excellent atmosphere for the audience. Our Hop Session Wednesdays are held in a cozy, intimate venue that is sure to get you in the mood to enjoy the music. Each Hop Session Wednesday is a unique event, with a different artist performing each week. We strive to bring together some of the most talented, up-and-coming local artists for a night of exceptional acoustic music.

In this gallery, you can capture the essence of what makes our brewery unique. We showcase the quality of our beer, the passion of the craft, and the hard work of our team. Enjoy a few high-quality, eye-catching images but be careful… You just might have an itch for a Pint Break and a food truck taco after words. Explore the world of craft brewing and get to know The Copper Hop Brewery.

We can’t wait to have you with us, thank you!

Wide angle image of a full house on the patio of The Copper Hop
drone view of the Copper Hop brewery property
a colorful sunset photo taken from the patio of the Copper Hop
The patio of The Copper Hop at night with a food truck in the background
The Front Door of the Hopper top with a large crowd walking in
The inside of The Copper Hop brewery.
a Musician playing gutair at The Copper Hop
The Brewing Room with barrels and other brewing equipment
 a lot of Copper Hop Mugs sitting on the bar table
Close up of brewing equipment leading to a beer barrel
A close up of a pint of beer in a Copper Hop glass
Three craft beers from The Copper Hop in pint glasses sit on table
a Tulip glass of copper hop beer sits on table
A Glass, can, and two growlers full of Copper Hop beer
Three owners of Copper Hop brewery stand behind the bar.
Group photo of the staff at a company outing
Kegs of Copper Hop beer in front of a group of people enjoying a bon fire.
Staff members stand in front of brewing equipment
Master brewer adds ingredients to large vat of beer